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Stunning fashion moments from Oscar night

Emma-stone-2012-oscars[1]And when I say stunning, I don't necessarily mean that in a good way. A few random questions from this amateur, and then we'll let the fashion experts take it from there:

* How great was it that Meryl Streep wore a gold dress to match her golden Oscar statuette? She was classy and fabulous, as always.

* Why did Emma Stone feel the need to wrap her neck in a huge red bow? She's beautiful, smart and funny, yet came off like something really special from Santa on Christmas morning.

* What exactly was going on with the waist on Sandra Bullock's dress? The skeletal fingers that cinched her dress made me think of some sort of underwater encounter with an evil coral reef. Her presentation itself, though, complete with what sounded like fluent German, was impressive.

* I like Tina Fey and I like navy blue and I like peplums, but did those three things really go together all that well on the red carpet? Maybe there was something a little boring (or just unflattering) that somehow resulted from those three positive elements. Judith Thurman of the New Yorker described the dress as "decorous." Ouch.

On to the experts:

Here's an entertaining slideshow from Slate with commentary from Julia Turner. And the New York Times' slideshow of dresses organized by color. Here's the snarky "Fug Girls" with their best and worst list from last night.

And best of all, the wonderful Robin Givhan from the Daily Beast (a writer who managed to win a Pulitzer Prize for fashion commentary) with her take on last night's eye candy.