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Law limiting trash at curbside adopted; Violators to incur $100 penalty

Owners of rental properties and homeowners with ambitious seasonal cleanup plans in Amherst will no longer be able to leave unlimited amounts of trash curbside without penalty.

The Town Board voted, 4-1, Monday to adopt a new law that limits residents to placing eight large trash items on the curb in addition to their regular trash and recycling totes.

Property owners who violate the "move-out, clean-out" clause will receive a warning and subsequently be subjected to a $100 pickup fee that would be added to their tax bills.

Board members questioned the frequency with which large amounts of trash are dumped at the curb as well as whether this new law would place an unreasonable burden on property owners.

"It happens in certain areas of town, towards the end of the month, about 20 times a year," said Highway Superintendent Robert Anderson.

Under the town's new garbage and recycling contract, the town is charged for garbage by the ton, unlike prior contracts.

Anderson said the Highway Department can provide concerned residents additional information about the best way to get rid of large amounts of trash without penalty.

In other news

*The board voted, 4-1, to rezone 1.3 acres of property at 600 Frankhauser Road from residential to multifamily for the development of a 20-unit apartment complex with two, two-story-buildings. As part of the rezoning approval, the developer agreed to eliminate one curb cut onto Flint Road, prohibit driveways onto Frankhauser and increase setback and conservation areas on the property.

*The board unanimously approved the rezoning of 1956 and 1964 Sweet Home Road, just north of the Tim Hortons and Sweet Home High School, to allow for the building of a single-story, 3,400-square-foot Sweet Home Federal Credit Union. The new location will replace the one at 656 North French Road.

*The board approved the consolidation of Amherst golf course operations, administration and maintenance under the Youth and Recreation Department. Previously, the town's Audubon, Par 3 and Oakwood golf courses were managed under Youth and Recreation but were maintained by the Highway and Parks departments.

*Bond resolutions were passed for borrowing $1.4 million for water-line replacement projects along Homecrest, Hillcrest and Woodcrest drives, and North Maplemere Road, and $500,000 for the maintenance of town-owned parking lots.

*An amended resolution regarding the town's costly lawsuits against the State Insurance Fund over the reimbursement of $23 million from a personal injury claim known as the Bissell case was approved. The new resolution appeals to not only the State Attorney General's Office to investigate the case but also the State Inspector General's Office.

*The board approved spending $7,800 for four new "Welcome to Amherst" roadway entrance signs that promote Amherst as "The Safest Town in America." The signs would replace prior welcome signs.

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