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You can take that menu down now, Janice Okun...

JaniceokunWhat I didn't say in my column today is that I tried to talk Janice out of her decision to stop writing the  restaurant review after 38 years.  I thought I could, since I'd successfully dissuaded her from retiring as a News staffer a few years ago, holding her off for more than a year.  Once she did retire as food editor in 2009, she continued writing the retaurant review on a freelance basis.

So when she called me earlier this month on a Friday, I suggested she give it more thought over the weekend, hoping she'd change her mind.  But Monday came, she called again, and she was firm in her decision.  So, an era will pass after next Friday's Gusto, in which her last review will appear.  When we last spoke, she said she would give that honor to Sinatra's, the longtime bastion of Italian favorites on Kenmore Avenue.

One more time: Thanks, Janice. 

P.S.  I can't let the blatant misinformation in the comment below go unanswered.  In fact, The News has always paid for the meals at restaurants Janice Okun has reviewed.  And we do not solicit advertising in conjunction with the reviews.