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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the week ending Jan. 20.


Diller Road, Robert A. Volpe; Patricia E. Volpe to Karen Sattelberg; Dennis H. Sattelberg, $176,000.

Joanne Drive, Ann Marie Foy; David V. Foy to Maureen E. Retzlaff; Eric J. Retzlaff, $110,000.

Ridge Road, Evelyn Seiler; Betty Jane Walk; Charles R. Salemann to John W. Harless; Betty L. Harless, $44,500.

Carney Drive, Christ Centered Properties to Renee M. Learman; David B. Learman, $20,000.

North Ridge Road, Afsar Uddin to Miranda Hayes, $20,000.



8th St., Gail W.Mcmahon to Sarah E. Mcfadden; Brady L. Mcfadden, $197,500.

Morgan Drive, William J. Gallagher; Elizabeth S. Gallagher to Amelia A. Gallagher, $164,000.

James Drive, Pauline Rueter; Herman J. Rueter to Supplemental Needs Trust; Tara Mclellan; Bruce A. Goldstein, $153,000.

4669 Dickersonville Road, Nicolas R. Granto to Janice C. Derby, $100,000.



Highest price: $113,885

Average price: $73,040

Median price: $69,750

Number of Sales:10

38 Hillcrest Drive, Maisa Neumann to RMS Residential Properties, $113,885.

Roosevelt Drive, Marilyn Lannan to Richie L.Mcadoo, $95,000.

Cottage St., Raymond E. Kirchberger to Robert J. Jackson, $83,500.

Vine St. & Juniper St., Alissa Shugats; Alissa Cummings; Scott M. Cummings to Matthew D. Schaffer; Heather L. Schaffer, $79,000.

Caledonia St., Skipper R. Mulvey; Julie L. Mulvey; Julie L. Mcadoo to Tiffany L. Fenzel; Christopher M. Fenzel, $74,500.

11 Juniper St., Lawrence P. Roberts to Michael Panchenko, $65,000.

Niagara St., William J. Evert to Richard L. Cavagnaro III, $65,000.

Walnut St., Ernest R. Rose; Joan A. Rose to William E. Taylor III; Darlene M. Taylor, $60,420.

Davison Road, 828 Davison Road Associates; Peter E. Kase; Esther I. Bergmann to Davison Chiropractic Center Inc., $60,000.

Green St. & Transit St., George L. Spring; David J. Spring to Jean Mullett-Hosey, $34,100.



Main St., Gerald E. Hughes; Donna R. Hughes to Upstate Development Group, $10,000.



Ralph Court, Richard J. Juzwiak to Sheryl J. Sacco; Christopher A. Sacco, $104,000.



Highest price: $312,039

Average price: $70,629

Median price: $56,500

Number of Sales:15

3125 Highland Ave., Tulip Corp. to Tulip Molded Plastics Corp., $312,039.

Mason Court, Sheila Orsi; Michael P. Orsi Jr. to John Michael Corcoran Jr., $123,000.

Ralph Court, Richard J. Juzwiak to Sheryl J. Sacco; Christopher A. Sacco, $104,000.

82nd St., Melissa M. Cerrillo; Jason N. Cerrillo to Dominic C. Florio, $85,500.

Pierce Ave. & 27th St., St. Francis Asylum of Buffalo to Juliet A. Gordon, $85,000.

561 70th St., Diane Marie Cacicia; Frances A. Cacicia; Fred O. Cacicia to Deborah L. Travis, $71,000.

77th St., Matthew J. Blazevich Jr. to Sean M. Robertson, $68,900.

25th St., Gloria Fracassi; Ernest V.Fracassi to Rodric D. McKinnon; Laverne P. McKinnon, $56,500.

4th St., Aubry Hunt to Ralph Pescrillo, $27,000.

1336 South Ave., US Bank to Edith Washington, $25,000.

7th St. & Pine Ave., Ronald R. Kelly to Chris Plennert; Denise J. Plennert, $25,000.

9th St., Frances M. Robbins; Frances M. Burgio to Emma H. Chapman, $25,000.

Welch Ave., Joyce Mardon-Serianni; Placida J. Mardon to Niagara Comfort Vacation Rentals, $25,000.

1762 Cudaback Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to John Karcz; Jennifer Karcz, $14,500.

7th St., Aubry Hunt to Ralph Pescrillo, $12,000.



Niagara Falls Blvd. & Pierce Ave. & Strad Ave. & Erie Ave., 730 NFB Llc to Tim Donut US Limited Inc., $101,000.

Industrial Drive, Bestung Carbide Inc. to Timothy H. Tasner; Janice M. Tasner, $92,000.

Tremont St., Patricia M. Hensel; Eileen A. Hensel to Charles Perfetti Jr.; Michael Perfetti, $84,000.

Dangelo Drive, Judith Jozwiak; James Jozwiak; John J. Quattrone; Judith A. Jozwiak to Janet E. Traise, $59,000.

Riverview Ave., John P. Sikora to Mary F. Hejza, $20,700.



Oakwood Drive, Judith A. Prouty; Jed W. Prouty to Mitchell J.F. Roberts; Krista M. Roberts, $181,000.



Lake Road Dickersonville Road & Lake Road, David W. Taylor to Danielle M. Guetta, $34,000.



4546 Main St., Robert & Ruth Odle; Robert J. Odle; Diane L. Goebert; Diane L. Odle; Ruth J. Odle to Raymond E. Kirchberger, $118,000.

West Ave., Jacquelyn M. Dickson to Joseph Dzikoski, $94,000.



Lakeshore Drive, Daniel J. Costello to Cheryl A. Johnson, $112,890.



Sawyer Drive, Woodstream Professional Office Condo Unit 1, Kathleen A. Dubois; Curtis B. Dubois to 2111 Sawyer Drive Llc, $300,000.

Osprey Lane, Michael Domagala; Helene K. Domagala to Cory Waggoner; Michele L. Wharity; Brian G. Vanburen, $192,000.

Julie Court, Karen D. Sattelberg; Dennis H. Sattelberg to Pina L. Peterson; Jeffrey T. Peterson, $182,000.

Milleville Circle, Patricia Hedwig Markham; Michael John Markham to Robert A. Volpe; Patricia E. Volpe, $142,000.

Lemke Drive, David Jaekle; Betty A. Jaekle to Ronald J. Ventry; Mary L. Ventry, $120,000.

Moyer Road, Kathryn Smith; Kathryn Kwaizer; Steven Smith to Shane Sweeney, $47,000.



3292 Wilson Cambria Road, Beth Ann Salmeri; David Ganshaw; Walter L. Ganshaw to Alena Strykhach, $58,000.