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GOP made big mistake by honoring Gross

I am dismayed and in disbelief that the Republican Party continues to defend its decision to sponsor an event honoring John Gross, an unrepentant criminal who has been convicted of not just one but multiple felonies over the course of three prosecutions.

I have heard all the excuses. "He's a nice guy." "He has helped people." "The proceeds are going to charity." There even have been comparisons to Robin Hood! These are dangerous misdirections that obscure the real issue. Let us remember that Robin Hood was a fictional character who stole from a corrupt regime. He did NOT help to corrupt it in the first place.

While we all respect supporting charities, surely a worthy law-abiding person could have been found to honor. Furthermore, Mr. Gross hurt people by rigging bids. If the bids he rigged were public projects, he stole our tax dollars, due to the higher project costs that had to be charged. If they were private projects, he stole directly from our friends and neighbors who owned the businesses affected. Possibly the worst damage he caused was helping corrupt our government by bribing a Niagara County legislator, thereby stealing from all of us our right to open and honest elected officials.

The most disturbing part of this issue is that the Republican Party openly and publicly honored a convicted repeat felon. And worse still, they continue to support that decision. They have no qualms with the fact that the man they so readily honored was previously convicted of bribing a public official, as well as other felonies. The position that this official held was that of Niagara County legislator, a position that this same Republican Party endorses candidates for.

For too long, the City of Niagara Falls and Niagara County as a whole have earned a reputation for corruption. Perhaps sometimes it has been earned, perhaps sometimes not. However, for one of the two major political parties to so blatantly choose to honor a repeat felon is not only embarrassing to our whole community, but it also helps to further an image of corruption in our city and county. For that same political party to not understand the grave problems and consequences of their actions at the very least calls into question the judgment of its leadership.

When, in the future, this same party praises their candidates as being open and honest, remember the age old adage: "Actions speak louder than words." And the Republican Party's actions showed their true ideals: They chose to honor a convicted felon.

David C. Houghton


City of Niagara Falls Democratic Party


Drs. Gerber, Mroziak deserve high praise

We are so sorry that the recent scandal at the Niagara County SPCA has brought some negative publicity to the Gerber Small Animal Hospital in Niagara Falls.

We have been with the practice for over thirty years, and we are well aware of all of the good work Drs. Gerber and Mroziak have done in our community. Their pro bono work and even the adoption of the pets that "supervise" their waiting room have endeared them to those they serve.

In addition, the caring and patient personal care they have given to our pets over the years is strong testament to their skill, dedication and high ethical standards.

We are always confident that when we bring our pets to them, they will receive the best possible treatment.

They deserve our high praise and gratitude.

Gary and Louise DeFelice



Thanks for supporting Lew-Port production

All of the students involved in the pit, orchestra and crew would like to thank the Lew-Port community for their support of January's production of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." All three shows sold out completely.

The directors would like to extend a special thank-you to all of the parents and volunteers who helped "behind the scenes" to make the production a success.

Kevin Duncan

Lewiston-Porter High School