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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Sabres: News sports reporter John Vogl's piece on the ups and downs of Derek Roy led to this comment from Jeff Morrison of Cypress, Texas:

Negativity and realism are often blurred, but then again so are optimism and realism. A realist should look at the entire body of work and assess, instead of a handful of games.

With that in mind, I would look to seize on this hot streak to ship out some of these guys and build for the future. I would love to see a playoff game or two, but reality says we need to fix the core of the team for continued success.

Not doing so would be status quo for the organization which, no less than six months ago, promised a change in the way things were done. You can't model yourself after the Detroits of the league with the current roster, you need to work up to that model. It will come, but not this year for sure, I don't see tinkering as the proper path forward.

Bill Chapin of Gambrills, Md., added:

I have to say that was a very well-played game against a team that was ahead of us in the standing! I know, everyone is. What is frustrating is another very solid effort, above-average defensive play and excellent goaltending except for a semi-soft goal. I don't know why this effort is not shown every night. Winning is more fun than losing, isn't it?

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Library district: Denise Jewell Gee's article on the proposal to allow residents to vote directly on budgets and elect trustees to run Erie County's 37 libraries met with this objection from David Hapka of Buffalo:

Subjecting the funding of our libraries to a direct vote of the electorate will only result in the slow but steady death of the library system as it exists presently we've already heard from the "don't wanna pay any stinking taxes" crowd, so who can imagine a library system that has to make its yearly argument to these voters?

Mark Dixon of Buffalo said:

No new taxes. No new taxing authorities. Leave the real property owners alone. How much more can and will you tax us? Learn to live with what you get or shut them down. I'm sick and tired of being taxed to death.

Norm Nicastro of West Seneca agreed:

Good arguments on both sides. My 2 cents don't need another layer of government. Do not put it in the hands of the everyday voter. Too fickle and only those closely connected will vote for or against. Retain current board but give them independence from politics.

* * *

Knox legacy: In response to News staff reporter Mark Sommer's piece on the contributions of Seymour H. Knox Jr., who donated more than 900 works of art during more than a half-century of involvement in what would become the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Philip James Jarosz of Buffalo said:

Possession of works of art are nice things to have and enjoy but even better if you can share them with others, including the general public. Quite a bit of art treasures are never seen and lost to auction houses and taken back into private collections because they were never donated to museums. It's nice to see some people share their collections with the general public.

* * *

SulliView: News Editor Margaret Sullivan's blog championing another Oscar for Meryl Streep brought mixed reviews for the actress, including this from SengaR:

Let's hear if for a long-overdue Oscar for Glenn Close, forget about Meryl Streep. Close has never received an Oscar. She has three Emmys, three Tonys, two Gloden Globes and an Obie. She is certainly deserving and as talented as Meryl Streep. Close was outstanding in "Albert Nobbs," a character she played in a stage production over a decade ago. Close also produced and co-wrote the film.

Meryl Streep? Puhhhllleeeeasssee.