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Q: Why do my two Shih Tzus eat one another's poop? I've tried different products available from pet catalogs to stop this behavior, but nothing has helped. Any advice? I'm 82 years old and running out of patience.

-- B.B., Rochester, Minn.

A: No one knows for sure why some dogs start to sample their own feces or the droppings of other dogs. Once tasted, some dogs simply view poop as a delicacy. Some even have preferences, such as frozen "poopsicles" in winter.

There are several products on the market that you can sprinkle on a dog's food, as you've learned. You could try some different products that might yield better results. You could also sprinkle on Lowry's seasoned salt (don't overdo it), but the results are mixed at best.

Some veterinarians suggest the problem in some dogs is a lack of proper nutritional absorption, and they recommend a nutritional supplement called ProZyme. Sometimes this works, but sometimes it doesn't do a thing.

You can booby-trap a pet's feces by dabbing on unpleasant additives like lemon juice and hot sauce. However, you have to catch a dog in the act and quickly apply the concoction. Some dogs then learn to snack immediately after their bowel movements, before the mix can be applied. And remember, dogs who find their own feces delicious might view hot sauce and lemon juice as yummy condiments.

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