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Notable Weekend Update anchors on "Saturday Night Live"

>Chevy Chase

Years at desk: 1975-1976

Known for: A mixture of charm and aloofness, deadpan delivery, opening segments with phone call to an unknown mistress.

Catch phrases: "I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not," "Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow."


>Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd

Years at desk: 1977-1978

Known for: Curtin was the first solo female anchor from 1976, until Aykroyd and, later, Bill Murray, joined her.

Catchphrases: Curtin: "Here now the news." Aykroyd: "Jane, you ignorant slut."


>Dennis Miller

Years at desk: 1985-1991

Known for: Biting sarcasm, searing wit, scribbling on his script.

Catchphrases: "Good evening, and what can I tell ya?"


>Norm Macdonald

Years at desk: 1994-1997

Known for: Straight news anchor delivery with a sarcastic, dry wit, being dismissed midseason for one too many O.J. Simpson jokes (Simpson was friends with NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer).

Catchphrases: "I'm Norm Macdonald, and now for the fake news."


>Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey

Years at desk: 2000-2004

Known for: A return to two-anchor format, the debut of Fey (the show's head writer at the time), a brother-sister chemistry.

Catchphrases: A return to "Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow."


>Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers

Years at desk: 2006-2008

Known for: Similar brother-sister camaraderie to Fallon and Fey.

Catchphrases: "Really!?! With Seth and Amy" segment, which echoed the sarcasm of Miller and Macdonald.


>Seth Meyers

Years at desk: 2008-present

Known for: Return to a single-anchor format; a December 2011 "Joke-Off" between former co-anchors Fallon and Fey and Poehler and Meyers; hosting prime-time "Weekend Update Thursday" for three episodes during 2008 election season, and later in fall 2009.

Catchphrases: "For Weekend Update, I'm Seth Meyers. Good night."

-- Ben Siegel