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Trivia Quiz

1. Are julienne potatoes thick or thin?

2. A tear, rupture or stretching of a muscle, ligament or joint is called a

3. The original meaning of "myriad" was ten thousand. What is its current meaning?

4. A shrimp has how many legs?

5. What is the official language of Fiji?

6. What are the three principal denominations of Judaism?

7. Who wrote the novel "The Swiss Family Robinson"?

8. What is the meaning of "Hallelujah"?

9. What is the Japanese unit of currency?

10. Is it true or false that the lichee nut is actually a fruit?



1. Very thin, resembling matchsticks.

2. Sprain.

3. An indefinitely large number.

4. Ten.

5. English.

6. Orthodox, Conservative and Reform.

7. Johann Wyss.

8. "Praise the Lord."

9. Yen.

10. True.