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Reporter Marie Colvin died heroically, staying 'one more day' in a Syria under siege

Image"The story Marie risked her life to tell—the story that she paid with her life to tell—is one of the brutal, indiscriminate bombardment of a densely populated city, using some of the most powerful explosive weapons we know. Homs today is a city under siege where the daily civilian death toll frequently runs in the double figures."  

So writes Human Rights Watch director Peter Bouckaert, in this moving piece for the Daily Beast about his friend Marie Colvin, the American-born journalist who died Wednesday in a rocket attack in Homs, Syria, along with French photojournalist Remi Ochlik.  

Colvin, 56, a reporter for the Sunday Times of London, was a Long Island native, whose mother, Rosemary Colvin, told Newsday that her daughter was "totally, totally committed to what she did."

In 2001, when she was in Sri Lanka, Newsday reported, an exploding hand grenade destroyed her left eye. She chose to wear a black eye patch rather than a prosthetic -- "making her a striking figure in the field."

"I never met a person with more courage," journalist T.D. Allman wrote.  "She was always on the side of truth. She was always on the side of the oppressed. She never once tired. She never once faltered."

Her editors urged her to leave Syria this week, saying it had become too dangerous, but Colvin decided to stay one more day to write a story that she felt had to be told.

Tragically, it was one day too many.

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