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John Glenn's breathing device resides here.

From Business Today:

Western New York is full of technological expertise and surprises.JOHN GLENN'S REGULATOR Two of them come together Monday on the 50th anniversary of John Glenn's obit of the Earth. Turns out the oxygen regulator that helped Glenn breathe during that historic trip was invented and built here. And it is on display in Orchard Park in the lobby of Cobham Plc., the company that bought Carleton Technologies. George Ord, a co-founder of Carleton, developed the regulator that Glenn used, and then in a surprising turn of events, he brought it back from the Smithsonian Institution. It's a terrific story.

The Steel Winds along Lake Erie has six new giant wind mills and is STEEL WINDSgenerating 75 percent more power. The 14 towering turbines can now generate up to 35 megawatts of electricity, enough for about 9,000 homes.

When you are listening to your radio and you hear Kevin O'ConnellO'CONNELL on WECK-1230, and you turn on your television a few minutes later and see him on TV doing the weather, do you ever think, 'wow, he really moves fast, from the radio studio' ? Think again. He is using a technology called voice tracking that many radio personalities are using.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

Recent real estate transactions.

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