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Girl resists heavy peer pressure

Dear Abby: Last weekend I went to a birthday slumber party at a friend's house. We played poker as we often do, then one girl suggested we play strip poker. She was kind of pushy about it. I wasn't comfortable with the idea and chose not to participate. I was the only one. Everybody laughed at me. They called me a prude and told me "all girls look the same."

I don't think I'm a prude. I'm not shy about undressing in front of my sister and friends. I'm just not comfortable about something like this and saw no point to it. I mean, if "we're all the same," then what's the reason for exposing our bodies to each other? Everybody thought it was fun, and those who ended up taking it all off laughed about it.

Is there something wrong with me? Now they're talking about doing it at future slumber parties, so I'm not sure how to handle it. I could just not attend, but this is the group I hang out with, and I don't like to miss out.

-- No Prude in Sacramento

Dear No Prude: Not only is there nothing wrong with you, I applaud you for not giving in to peer pressure and doing something you didn't feel was right. It took maturity to refuse.

Because you're not comfortable playing strip poker, you should make other plans for those nights. This doesn't mean you shouldn't socialize with your friends -- but if their idea of a fun time is strip poker, consider cultivating a few more relationships with girls who have broader interests. That way you'll have something to do on nights they are playing -- until they grow bored with the game. (And they will.)


Addicted or not?

Dear Abby: At what point is a person considered to be addicted to prescription drugs?

-- Borderline in South Carolina

Dear Borderline: When the person increases the dosage beyond what has been prescribed, lies about it and/or tries to get the drugs by devious means.

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