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Bandits notebook: Just wondering

We're in the midst of a three-week between games for the Bandits. Considering their four-game losing streak, that may be a good thing or a bad thing. But it does give us all time to do a little thinking. The Bandits already have made one major trade during this break, as Anthony Cosmo was picked up from Minnesota. Could they make another?

Paul Rabil, recently dealt from Washington to Edmonton, has said that he doesn't want to play with the Rush and wants to stay closer to his home in the East. Rabil is the proverbial horse, a prototype for the type of big, athletic player who is coming into the league these days. A guy like that would always be welcome in a transition role with the Bandits.

But what sort of package would get it done? It's easy to wonder if Mark Steenhuis would figure into any trade discussions.

Steenhuis is a former 50-goal scorer in the league. Lately, though, he's been placed in more or a transition role. He gets credit for doing what the team needs and trying to fill a role. Still, 50-goal scorers don't grow on trees, and he does like to play at the offensive end. Edmonton traded Athan Iannucci for Rabil, and could use some offense.

The obvious question: Would Steenhuis be willing to play in Edmonton? He has a business and family firmly settled in St. Catharines, Ont., so Buffalo is the ideal spot for him. Edmonton is a rather tough commute.

The Bandits already have given up a lot of their first-round picks; it's hard to believe they would trade the one they got from Edmonton in the Chris Corbeil trade that has a chance to be the number one overall this fall. That would appear to point to at least a body or two on the roster in any transaction.

I don't have any "inside information" on this, but it is fun to speculate.

--- Budd Bailey

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