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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the weeks ending Jan. 6 and 13.


Upper Mountain Road, Thomas E. Kreppenneck; Kevin K. Kreppenneck; David W. Kreppenneck to Jilian Lorkowski, $95,000.

Cambria Road, Shirly A. Kroening; Martin L.Kroening to Dennis Scovazzo, $31,000.

Thrall Road, Thomas E. Kreppenneck; Kevin K. Kreppenneck; David W. Kreppenneck to Peter E. Covell; Janice M. Covell, $15,000.



Drum Road, Jill Choate; William Choate to Terri L. Nealen, $220,000.

Humphrey Road, Susan C. Gothard; Bruce L. Gothard to Ronald C. Rosenthal; Linda L. Rosenthal, $80,000.

Ridge Road, Lynn S. Humble; Dorothy M. Hiller; Daniel J. Hiller to Daniel J. Hiller, $40,000.



Vrooman Drive, James A. Szostak to Christopher W. Cheers, $191,000.

Dutton Drive, Frank Previte; Janice Previte to Ryan E. Wilcox, $165,000.

Miller Road, Ronald Paul Marasco; Theresa Marasco; John Thomas Marasco to Joseph R. Hutcheson, $79,750.

Langdon Road, Celia Arcuri Coney; Carmen N. Coney; Carman N. Coney to Randy Kirker, $49,000.

Ridge Road, James L. Murray; Diane E. Kankiewicz to Joyce Gray-Evans, $45,000.



Georgia Ave. & Virginia Court & Roosevelt Drive, Buffalo Branch of the New Apostolic Church of North America to Bible Truth Chapel, $115,000.

East Ave., David A.Schichtel to Jimi Davis, $61,000.

West Green St., Thomas P. Lyons; Rosemary D. Lyons to Amanda L. Johnson, $58,000.

Center St., Carol L. Roger to James A. Stivers, $45,750.

11 Monroe St., HUD to Salvatore Tabone, $24,100.

Price St., Gloria Hillman; Agnes C. Matheis; Agnes C. Getz to Kimberly Johnson; James Johnson,$15,000.



Lockwood Court, Roger Amabile; Loren A. Amabile to Gina M. Shiah; Brian D. Shiah, $380,000.

Lockwood Lane East, Robert E. Hays; Lois A. Hays to Ryan McManus, $260,000.

Forestview Drive, Cynthia J. Rowles to Susanne E. Griffin; Michael C. Griffin, $194,000.

7234 Lincoln Ave. Extension, Michael C. Angelucci; Brenda S. Angelucci to Jason A. Kubik, $190,000.

Ernest Road, Scott D. Wilson to Sherry A. Waszak; John G. Waszak, $160,000.

Keck Road, Elizabeth R. Erbland to Sherri A. Remick, $114,500.

Corwin Road, Judith Demaison; William Pratt; Carol Pratt; Joyce Moore; Judith Demaison; Donald Demaison to Adrienne Yarger, $65,000.

Rapids Road & Tonawanda Creek Road, Robert J. Burg to Ronald C. Burg, $40,000.



Highest price: $3,500,000

Average price: $411,300

Median price: $37,500

Number of Sales:10

Hyde Park Blvd. & Pennsylvania Ave. & Lafayette Ave., Niagara-Genesee Carpenters Housing Development Fund Co. Inc. to SP Monteagle Limited Partnership; Monteagle Housing Development Fund Co. Inc., $3,500,000.

78th St. & Pine St., Laila Nader to Marlena Mazzei, $300,000.

Roselle Ave., Richard P. Rizzo; Elaine C. Rizzo; Richard P. Rizzo; Elaine C. Rizzo to Mary Rachelle Broderick; Thomas J. Broderick, $91,000.

Pear Ave., Cory L. Waggoner to Phillip M. Frank; Donna M. Frank, $76,000.

Buffalo Ave., Robert Mackellar; Donna R. Mackellar to Gretchen Haseley, $40,000.

Hennepin Ave., Gearld R. Dickey; Annabelle L. Dickey to Christopher Bensch, $35,000.

South Ave., Sterling Trust Co.; Oleg Sapozhnikov to Cleveland Chong; Linda Chong, $27,500.

Ferry Ave. & 25th St., Jerry P. Zawacki; Stella J. Kajfasz to Ann L. Mere, $19,000.

Valle Drive, Agnello Family; Joseph C. Agnello; Lauretta M. Agnell to Jeffrey Coates, $17,000. 20th St., Kingsley D. Chandler to Ralph Pescrillo, $7,500.



100 & 102 & 120-122 Webster St., John N. Kokinos; Donna A. Kokinos to Draco Management, $125,000.

Ward Road & Summit Blvd., Patricia A. Bigelow to Jack J. Winarske, $115,000.

17th Ave., Lucian P. Szymanski; Linda D. Szymanski to Alan S. Frankosky, $112,000.

East Thompson St., Jason T. Braley; Bridget K. Braley to Michael J. Bagarozzi, $112,000.

Ruie Road, Jeffrey T. Peterson to Richard M. Dodson, $96,000.

Oakdale Drive, Eugene H. Glaser to Rebecca L. Jaques, $84,800.

Oliver St., Charles H. Rodeffer to Gregory Stenis, $70,000.



Cloverleaf Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc to Enrico Francani, $254,990.

Irish Road, Rosemary Beidle; Lawrence E. Beidle to Lisa M. Koerner; David R. Koerner, $210,000.

Campbell Blvd., Arch Bay Holdings to Douglas C. Gross, $165,000.

Fisk Road, Lisa M. Koerner; David R. Koerner to Matthew Duquette; Maurice D. Sargent, $154,000.



3795 Lower River Road, Ann Elizabeth Heuer; Ellen Marie Plante; Francis E. Rooney to Wendy L. Wood; Michael E. Knack, $163,000.

Powell Drive & Oak Ave., Thomas E. Schofield to Lippman Trust; Mark S. Lippman; Kathleen S. Lippman, $75,000.



Main St., Edith Vandenbosch; Michael G. Vandenbosch; Mark S. Vandenbosch; Edith M. Vandenbosch to Jennifer Bierma; William Bierma, $130,000.

Butler Parkway, Kerrie Spence; Kerrie L. Phetteplace to Colleen B. Vosburgh, $66,489.



Highest price: $288,000

Average price: $133,362

Median price: $105,950

Number of Sales:8

Brandywine Road, GMD Development to Richard P. Rizzo; Elaine C. Rizzo, $288,000.

Balla Drive, Kathy D. Greinert to Jennifer D. Kephart, $230,000.

Rishan Terrace, Melissa A. Hoock; Jason R. Hoock to Guiseppe Bellanca; Angela Bellanca, $198,000.

Lockport Road, Paul M. Gibbs; Catherine F. Gibbs to Marilyn Blaser; Richard Blaser, $135,000.

Krueger Road & Mavis Drive, Steven B. Parsons to Laverne J. Tollison, $76,900.

Nash Road, Anthony C. Barone to Anthony C. Barone General Contracting Inc., $50,000.

Bergholtz Road, Maureen A. Jagow to Lisa Buscaglia; Salvatore Buscaglia, $44,500.

Bergholtz Road, Nicole Ganz; Karen S. Binkley to Lisa Buscaglia; Salvatore Buscaglia, $44,500.



Main St., Robert L. Laney; Lorraine C. Laney to 21 Sunset Island Llc, $160,000.

Beebe Road, Cindy Lee Nashwinter to James W. Laughlin; Catherine A. Laughlin, $60,000.