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3 storage lockers for digital music

Here's a quick look at the three leading digital music storage lockers:

*Apple iTunes Match:

Price: $25 per year.

Likes: Matching feature much quicker than uploading; works seamlessly on iOS devices; good quality sound.

Dislikes: Not available for older iOS devices or non-iOS gadgets; activating service turns off Genius playlist feature; most expensive of three services.



*Amazon Cloud Player:

Price: $20 per year; includes 20 gigabytes of storage for documents and photos.

Likes: Works seamlessly on Kindle Fire; available for other Android devices and through Web on iPad; offers unlimited storage; less expensive than iTunes Match.

Dislikes: Uploading collection can take days; Uploader stalled out repeatedly, didn't recognize duplicates, didn't upload iTunes playlists, and does not automatically upload new songs bought outside Amazon; Web interface unusable on the iPhone.


*Google Music:

Price: Free.

Likes: Works seamlessly on standard Android devices; available on other devices through well-designed Web app; Music Manager automatically uploads iTunes playlists and new songs purchased outside of Google.

Dislikes: Uploading collection can take days; Music Manager stalled out multiple times while uploading and didn't recognize duplicate songs; no way to download songs to PC.