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TV Mail Box

Q: I thought Alan Cumming of "The Good Wife" was a foreigner, but his American accent on the show is so perfect, I'm having my doubts now. What is his nationality?

-- Sue Ryan, Columbus, Ohio

A: Cumming hails from Scotland, and he has affected a range of accents in his various roles in theater, movies and television. He also does a very good Russian one in Pierce Brosnan's first James Bond movie, "GoldenEye," and his recent voice role in "The Smurfs" gave him a completely different sound.


Q: Will the series "Promised Land" ever be released on DVD? Some episodes are available as part of "Touched by an Angel," but I've never found the whole show on its own.

-- Ann Wood, Clearfield, Pa.

A: At this time, no plans have been announced for a separate, complete release of the CBS "Angel" spinoff that starred Gerald McRaney.