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'House' will be missed

After eight seasons, Fox is pulling the plug on "House." This series stars the celebrated Brit Hugh Laurie as a pain-wracked, limping, close-to-sadistic doctor. Every episode is the same -- somebody gets sick, misdiagnosed, tortured, misdiagnosed again, tortured again and finally (usually) they are saved. Dr. House is as mean as a snake to everybody.

Hugh Laurie has been brilliant in this series, winning several Golden Globe and SAG Awards. But I bet he's relieved that his stay in the hospital is over. The actor actually developed troubles with his leg, after years of using a cane on the show. (And never forget, Hugh played the father of the mouse, "Stuart Little," in three movies. And he sings, too!)


You readers know that I'm a magazine junkie, so it pains me when newsstand sales fall off, but I do want to compliment the makeover of Glamour. Editor Cynthia (Cindi) Leive is smart, smart, smart and with the talented actress Amanda Seyfried on the cover, she has all bases covered. There is great photography galore, fabulous-looking men and women, and a plethora of new short takes. I read almost every word from Kesha to Mila Kunis to Jessica Alba to J. Lo to Gaga to Mindy Kaling -- and hey, I'm getting weary, Glamour offers so much.


Three books I want to remark on in passing. One is titled "I'd Rather Be in Charge" by the attractive Charlotte Beers, a former teacher, CEO, chairman and undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs to Secretary of State Colin Powell. She was the guest of my longtime friends Kathy and Bill Raynor in Manhattan with a kickoff for her new work. Charlotte has been praised by the likes of Suze Orman and Martha Stewart. And she's from Texas, so that makes her special.

Here's a quote from the kickoff party:

"My books are illustrations of the invisible. I believe in the leadership of women!"

The other new book "Unbinding the Heart" from Agapi Stassinopoulos is another example of sage advice to women from one whose very name means "love." It is pointless to relieve the delightful Agapi from her obvious identification with her famous sister, Arianna Huffington. Agapi is Arianna's strong right arm. Hers is a delighted reminder that we "isolate ourselves, feeling alone, disconnected, and unheard; and in doing so, we immobilize our spirit, stifle our authentic expression and cut off our joy."

Agapi tells us how to release and liberate ourselves. Fascinating works; both books talk about "joy," a rare experience these days.

Last I'll add "The Persian Room Presents: An Oral History of New York's Most Magical Night Spot." Having seen the gifted Kay Thompson and the fabled Williams Brothers sing and dance and do their stuff at this nightclub, I was delighted to lay hands on Patty Farmer's memorable nostalgic work.

It boasts memories of Andy Williams, Eddy Duchin, Lilo, Victor Borge, Lainie Kazan, Carol Bruce, Billie Holiday, Jane Froman, Bob Hope, Burns and Allen, Count Basie, Kaye Ballard, Jane Morgan, Carol Channing, Wally Cox, Leslie Uggams, Patti Page, Dinah Shore, the Maguire Sisters, Jane Powell, Liza Minnelli, Ethel Merman, Eartha Kitt, Abbe Lane and so many more.

The photos are wonderful and maybe in heaven there'll be a nightclub like the Persian Room.