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Shopping cart plunge injures two

A shopping cart hurled from an overhead walkway at a New York City shopping mall seriously injured two men in a case reminiscent of an October incident that left a woman brain-damaged after a pair of youngsters pushed a heavy shopping cart over a ledge onto pedestrians below.

One of the victims from Monday's incident, identified only as a 52-year-old man, is in critical condition, local news reports said. The other, a 30-year-old man, is in stable condition.

No suspects were in custody, but police were reviewing surveillance video at the Gateway shopping center in the Bronx, which is near Yankee Stadium.

"There was a gash on his forehead, you could literally see his skull," one witness told NY1 news. "I just ran in, grabbed his hand, tried to comfort him as much as I can, but the second one was not conscious at all. We had to actually wake him up. It was just, wow. One cart that hit both of them at the head."

The attack occurred outside a Home Depot store, and the cart apparently was pushed onto crowds from an upper level of an attached parking structure serving the store and the rest of the mall.

A Home Depot cashier, Julie Ross, told the New York Daily News she heard a "thud" and then ran outside.

"It was pretty bloody," Ross said. "They were laying on the ground. One guy was trying to sit up, and the other guy was just laying there -- he wasn't moving."

Last Oct. 30, two boys pushed a shopping cart onto shoppers at a Manhattan mall, hitting a woman in the head and leaving her in a coma.

She regained consciousness, but her husband has said she faces months of rehabilitative therapy to recover. Both boys pleaded guilty in family court to assault.