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How The News voted: New World Order

Every week during the basketball season a panel of voters participates in The News' large and small school boys basketball polls.

And every week we let you know, like the title says ... how The News voted.

And talk about quite the week to catch up on, especially after what we called Earth-Shattering Friday. Whew!We have something of a New World Order now after St. Joe's topped Canisius, Timon beat Bishop Kearney and Kenmore West beat Niagara Falls. 

Here is a link to previous ballots: last week - Jan. 24 (when I said I thought Canisius would win at St. Joe's), Jan. 17 (MLK edition), Jan. 10 (back from the break), Dec. 20, Dec. 13 (the tipoff).

Here are this week's polls, and here's our ballot:


1. St. Joe's (15-2) [last ballot: 3] -- This week, both No. 1s were easy picks.

2. Canisius (10-7) [1] -- Double-whammy weekend: Crusaders lost at Rochester East on Saturday after loss at Joe's Friday. The season is a marathon, not a sprint, so it will be interesting to see how these guys respond. I think highly enough of them to keep them here above Jamestown. 

3. Jamestown (13-1) [4] -- Very eager to see them at Will North Friday night.

4. Bishop Timon-St. Jude (12-5) [5] -- Votes are filed before Monday night's games. This blog is finished after Monday night's games. Excellent game at St. Joe's Monday night. Liked what I saw from the team as an offense for most of the night. Kobis, who had a very good game finding teammates, I thought, had a way off night shooting. If he doesn't, Timon certainly could have won. They had chances. This season gets better and better. Timon at Canisius on Thursday.

5. McKinley (8-2) [6] -- That's right, I think these guys are a more soid pick over the next two.  

6. Niagara Falls (9-4) [2] -- Who's the better team between NF and KW? I say NF, which is why they're here atop of West. NF wins at KW in a blowout in Dec., then KW wins at NF Friday night. Can't make this stuff up. 

7. Kenmore West (10-2) [10] -- Best win in program history since??? 

8. Riverside (8-2) [7] -- Thank goodness the city is back playing so we can (try to) make sense out of these guys, and ...

9. Hutch-Tech (7-3) [8] -- ... these guys, especially compared with ... 

10. Williamsville East (12-2) [9] -- ... these guys, which certainly deserve to be a notch ahead of other suitors, almost all of them residents of the ECIC.

Poll stat note that I'm sure some of you noticed: Only 10 teams got votes in the large school poll this week. These 10. By 10 different voters. 


1. Olean (12-1) [1] -- Very interested in hearing the reports from Olean tonight.

This week's large school poll got a major shake up. Not so much here. My dusty ballot is the same as last week's. Maybe this is coming week is the one for small schools? (dun-dun-dunnnnnn imposing music). 

2. St. Mary's (13-5) [2] -- Outstanding win at Timon last Tuesday; this Tuesday at Walsh. Like I said, very interested in hearing the reports from Olean tonight.

3. OTC Middle College (7-3) [3] -- Very solid win over Seneca make for a very solid top three.

4. Archbishop Walsh (13-4) [4] -- Very interested in hearing the reports from ... you know. Have faith in the Eagles here over a tough pack of teams to pick from (like it has all season).

5. Tonawanda (12-0) [5] -- Warriors still undefeated. Here's where my tough part of the poll comes. These bottom six of the top 10 along with others.

6. Depew (8-4) [6] -- Would other small schools fare as well as they have in ECIC III? Hmmmm.

7. Wilson (10-2) [7] -- Still like what I saw from these guys at CSAT, not the greatest sample to compare to others. We'll see what happens on their tough trip into the Newfane's Blue Zone Thursday night.  

8. MST Seneca (9-2) [8] -- Nice win at Holland. That's something a top 10 small school does.

9. East (5-6) [9] -- Double-dribble: Thank goodness the city is back playing.

10. Silver Creek (11-1) [10] -- Very impressive win over a surging Portville team. All year I've considered these guys ahead of Dunkirk and many others. Another reason I'm very interested in hearing the reports from ...

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---Keith McShea

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