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Cole Muffler owner accused of bias

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued the company that owns Cole Muffler for refusing to hire women, even when, according to the EEOC, the women were more qualified than male applicants.

The EEOC filed the suit Tuesday against Mavis Discount Tire, a Millwood company with 110 locations. The suit alleges discrimination in hiring, charging it overlooked female applicants for tire installers, mechanics, assistant managers and related positions at its stores and service centers across the Northeast.

Dating back to at least 2008, the lawsuit claims Mavis had only one woman in any of those jobs among about 800 employees. Additionally, out of the 1,300 hires for those positions between 2008 and 2010, no women were hired.

The lawsuit also charges Mavis failed to maintain applications on file, which is a separate violation of federal law. Review of applications that were available showed women with more experience and better credentials were denied positions that were given to less-qualified men, the suit claims.

The suit seeks to recover past and future wages for all women applicants harmed by Mavis' actions and instatement in the jobs Mavis wrongfully denied them.

Mavis did not return calls to comment. The company bought Cole Muffler in 2008.

Female job seekers who believe their applications were overlooked because of their sex, and individuals who have any information to support EEOC's suit, can contact the EEOC toll-free at (855) 453-1963 or by email at

The EEOC said it attempted to reach a prelitigation settlement through its conciliation process before it filed the suit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Mavis also operates as Mavis Tire Supply Corp. and Mavis Tire NY, selling tires and other automotive parts, along with providing services.