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Bandits notebook: Random thoughts

Just wanted to make a few points as the Bandits hit the first-quarter pole of the 2012 season:

* I watched part of the video replay of the Bandits-Swarm game from Saturday night. OK, it was pretty ugly from a Buffalo perspective. I did want to see what the heck happened at the end of the first half, when 10 players were thrown out.

The feed for the game, however, cut out  right after the first half ended ... or, just when the two sides were coming off the bench and exchanging hostilities. So it was tough to tell what actually took place.

At least a couple of fans brought video cameras, and shot the action from a distance. The Bandits set a team record for penalty minutes in a game. Have you ever seen a goalie sit in the penalty box before? Mike Thompson picked up a fighting major in the incident, and Angus Goodleaf had to start the third quarter.

* Speaking of records, I did a little research on Sunday into the Bandits' loss. The 19 goals allowed was the most in the Darris Kilgour era (2003-2012). The loss wasn't the worst in Buffalo's history under Kilgour; it was the second-worst.

* After getting some quotes after the game in Rochester, I went back to the press box to write my story. There I encountered some very unhappy members of the scorekeeping crew. Lots of muttering was going on. The league has switched statistical systems this year, and the growing pains are obvoius. There have been goals scored without anyone getting credit for them, the wrong players receiving credit for goals, etc.

On opening night, I had John Tavares scoring a particular goal and Scott Self scoring another one in the win over Toronto by Buffalo. That's the way my story read for the first edition. When the official sheet came out after the game, it had Self getting credit for both goals. So, in the final edition, Self had two goals. A few days later, the league updated its stats .. and Self was back to one goal.

Last Friday night, I had Brendan Mundorf with four goals for Philadelphia in the win for the Bandits. Sure enough, the stats said three goals. Could I have made a mistake? Absolutely. But I figured I'd go with my own version this time and be consistent.

They'll get it figured out soon, I think.

--- Budd Bailey

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