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Duplicate Bridge

The Airport Bridge Club returns to its regular schedule today, hosting the ACBL-wide International Fund Game at 11 a.m. Games are at 11 a.m. every day except Wednesday and Sunday, when they start at 12:30 p.m. There's also a game at 7:15 p.m. Monday. Call 603-6943. In honor of Super Bowl week, the Bridge Center of Buffalo will serve homemade soup at no extra charge at its open games at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and Friday.

>Duplicate Scores

Week of Jan. 16 to 22

ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday noon -- Non-life masters. North-south, A/B: Arthur Kean and Arthur Matthies, 59.23%; Kenneth Wagner and Natalie Abramson, 55.65%; Joyce Greenspan and Joe Miranda, 52.38%; east-west, A: Joyce Meskill and Rivona Ehrenreich, 59.82%; Dorothy and Larry Soong, 57.44%; B/C: Jeff Thier and Lynn Witmer, 54.46%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning -- North-south, A: Bev Cohen and Jim Mathis, 58.56%; Alberta Brown and Joanne Kelley, 56.71%; B: Claire Gareleck and Patricia Burns, 54.40%; C: Judy Kaprove and Nadine Stein, 47.92%; east-west, A: Stan Kozlowski and Bud Seidenberg, 64.81%; B/C: Joyce Greenspan and David Donaldson, 59.95%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening -- A/B/C: Bert Feasley and Chongmin Zhang, 62.50%; Elaine Universal and Dian Petrov, 56.94%; Christine Urbanek and Warren O'Connell Jr., 55.56%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday noon -- Non-life masters. North-south, A: Dorothy and Larry Soong, 63.10%; Joe Miranda and Sharon Chang, 60.71%; B: Elizabeth Young and Ann Coughlin, 49.70%; C: Cherry Searle and Peggy Stock, 46.13%; east-west, A/B: Natalie Abramson and Joanne Privitera, 57.74%; C: Jeff Thier and Lynn Witmer, 55.65%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday noon -- Open pairs. A: Bev Cohen and Judi Marshall, 60.42; Jim Mathis and Jerry Geiger, 56.94%; B/C: Carlton Stone and Paula Kotowski, 55.56%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening -- A/B: Warren O'Connell Jr. and James Reineck, 65.58%; Pat Rasmus and Bert Hargesheimer, 63.17%; C: Richard Cramer-Benjamin and Jeff Bender, 54.17%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday -- North-south, A: Stan Kozlowski and Christy Kellogg, 63.41%; Harry Cheung and Bev Cohen, 59.68%; Judith Padgug and Bud Seidenberg, 57.54%; B/C: Bernie and Dick Czarnecki, 56.08%; east-west, A/B/C: Elaine Universal and Robert Padgug, 58.77%; Elizabeth Clark and Joan Rose, 58.47%; John Toy and Christine Urbanek, 58.39%; Fred Yellen and James Gullo, 57.48%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday -- John Fiegl and Jane Larcom, 63.65%; Ken Meier and Dorothy May, 61.6%; Joanne LaFay and Lillian Gotshall, 59.03%; Rob Hessel and Marcia Hoffman, 50.93%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday morning -- North-south, A: Bev Cohen and Jim Mathis, 63.75%; B: Anne Watkins and Dorothy Boyd, 58.55%; C: Judy Kaprove and Nadine Stein, 52.59%; east-west, A/B/C: Jane and Tom Gibbons, 58.44%; Sharon Chang and Arthur Matthies, 58.18%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday evening -- A: Bert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 59.52%; B: Gabriel Tannenbaum and Gary Schmitt, 54.17%; C: Carl and Jan Hasselback, 52.38%.

Bridge Club Meridian Tuesday morning -- North-south, A/B: Mike Silverman and Ross Markello, 58.80%; C: Barbara Landree and Betty Metz, 58.10%; east-west, A/B: Vincent Pesce and John Ziemer, 61.92%; C: Jan Hasselback and Don Grant, 42.45%.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Beverly Dale and Anne O'Connor, 55%; Mike and Vince Taeger, 54%; east-west, Tom Gibbons and Mike Silverman, 66%; Chuck Heimerl and Al Dickman, 57%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- A: Mark Pascale and Jim Madan, 58%; B: Miriam Regnet and Elve Johnston, 57%; C: Beena and Madhav Deshmukh, 50%.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon -- A: Judie Bailey and Jim Jacobi, 65%; B: Miriam Regnet and Roy Crocker, 60%; C: Elaine Moon and Bob Lederhouse, 55%.


Other clubs

ABA Humboldt Bridge Club -- Shirley Thompson and David Mathis, 61%; Vivian Harris and Anna Spiller, 56.86%.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday -- North-south, Bruce and Jill Brown, 56%; Jim Kegan and Dave Strou, 55%; east-west, Martin Schaus and Ruth Walsh, 58%; (tie) Sophie Mueller and Karen Synor, Elaine Boltz and Mary Ann Urbanski, 51%.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- North-south, Bernie Myer and Fred Nadel, 59.5%; Helen Neubert and Howard Strauss, 58.6%; east-west, (tie) Esther Greene and Irwin Brock, Helen Sfeir and Joe Fiore, 56.7%; Ruth Axlerod and Shirley Joseph, 52.8%.

Clarence Senior Center -- Flo Ciesla and Pat O'Brien, 57%; Helen Westley and Kathy Borcik, 56%.

Tonawanda Senior Center -- Trudy Manaher and Frank Riccio, 64%; Edna Fill and Lou Lombardi, 63%.

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