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Pure AM gold

Being a kid in the 1970s invariably meant that you heard a lot of your music on a transistor radio. If you were drawn at all toward the Top 40 of the day, then most likely, you became familiar with what at the time was known simply as contemporary pop, but today trades under the nostalgia-soaked moniker "AM Gold." Tunes by the likes of Seals & Crofts, David Gates and Bread, Bob Welch and even the odd Todd Rundgren ditty that somehow subversively became a hit, comprise part of the soundtrack of the early '70s for many.

Clearly, Marc Cohn spent a bit of time falling beneath the sway of the '70s singer-songwriter, for he's spent a few decades now tapping that vein, carving out a career for himself that almost seems to run on, oblivious to the trends that come and go around it. Rooted in pop tropes of that time, Cohn's songs are well-crafted, narrative-driven vignettes that revel in catchy melodies and that wistful melancholy that defined the time during which he came of age.

Cohn brings his master class in pop songcraft at 8 p.m. Saturday to the Bear's Den, Seneca Niagara Casino, Niagara Falls. Tickets start at $50 (box office, Ticketmaster).

-- Jeff Miers