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All you need is Dub

Baltimore's Yellow Dubmarine has pulled off the seemingly impossible.

The band has added to the ongoing conversation that is the music of the Beatles in a manner that is not imitative, redundant, overly precious or merely cloying. The ensemble is at once respectful of the craftsmanship of the Fab Four and eager to reimagine the original works through clear eyes. Check "Abbey Dub," the Dub-sters re-creation of the Beatles' swan song, "Abbey Road." It's as musically complex and exacting as it was intended to be, while simultaneously "Dub-iufied." Yes, every single track has been newly imagined as a reggae-dub number. More miraculous still is the fact that it worked, and incredibly well at that.

I'd recommend visiting YouTube and scoping out a few of the many Yellow Dubmarine live performances. Then, once you're sufficiently stoked, and convinced that I'm not just pulling your leg, head down to Nietzsche's (248 Allen St.) to witness the band's Buffalo debut at 9 p.m. Saturday. Yellow Dubmarine will perform "Abbey Dub" in its entirety. Surprise nuggets from the Fab Four catalog will fill out the rest of the program.

Part of the proceeds from the $12 admission will benefit the Buffalo Urban Outdoor Educational Foundation (

-- Jeff Miers