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Super Bowl quiz answers

1. Don Beebe (2).

2. Desmond Howard, who won the Heisman in 1991 with Michigan and was named MVP of Super Bowl XXXI with the Packers.

3. Tony Dungy.

4. John Elway.

5. Gale Gilbert, four with Buffalo and one with San Diego.

6. Colts defensive end-kicker Lou Michaels, whose brother, Walt, was defensive coordinator of the Jets in Super Bowl III.

7. Sean Payton, Weeb Ewbank and Don McCafferty.

8. Steve Young with 49 yards on five carries.

9. Wes Welker and Dan Ross.

10. David Woodley.

11. Miami in Super Bowl VI, Pittsburgh in X, Denver in XXIV and Atlanta in XXXIII.

12. San Francisco is 5-0.

13. Matt Snell.

14. Eli Manning had 255 yards passing while Peyton had 247.

15. Denver, in the first half of SB XII and the second half of SB XXII.

16. San Francisco's Joe Montana had 102.9 while Miami's Dan Marino had a 108.9 in Super Bowl XIX.

17. Minnesota's Joe Kapp, Super Bowl IV.

18. Tampa Bay safety Dexter Jackson in Super Bowl XXXVII.

19. Kurt Warner.

20. Green Bay (1996-97), Washington (1982-83) and Dallas (1977-78).

Bonus question answer: Lynn Swann and Fred Lynn, who were football teammates at USC.