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"The Boy on Cinnamon Street" by Phoebe Stone; Arthur Levine Books, $16.99.

Seventh-grader Louise Terrace lives with her grandparents in their condo across town from her old house on Cinnamon Street. Since a terrible personal trauma, which she has blocked out of her mind, she has quit the gymnastics team, sold her balance beam, changed schools and prefers to be called Thumbelina, rather than Louise (she's very short). She shares everything with her best friend, Henderson Elliot, and even enlists him in the search to find out more about the secret admirer who left an anonymous note for her. Louise is convinced her admirer is the pizza delivery guy. But is it?

This lovely novel about a girl coming to terms with a terrible loss is full of wonderful characters who are so vivid you'll want to take the trolley to Cinnamon Street yourself. A note at the end from the author explains that the story is partly autobiographical. Other terrific books by this author: "All the Blue Moons at Wallace Hotel," "Deep Down Popular" and "The Romeo and Juliet Code."

-- Jean Westmoore



The Theatre of Youth Book Club will meet at 1 p.m. Saturday at Talking Leaves Bookstore, 3158 Main St. The discussion will be based on "Benjamin Franklin: A Man of Many Talents." Space is limited; reservations can be made by emailing



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-- Time Book of Why