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TV Mail Box

Q: What happened to ABC's "Shark Tank"?

-- Muriel Dameron, Irvine, Calif.

A: The show's third season is slated to begin Feb. 3, thus returning the program to the Friday slot it also had last time around. Mark Cuban will be among the panelists back to deal with the hopeful entrepreneurs, who get 13 episodes to display their ideas and wares.


Q: Which network has the Super Bowl this time?

-- John Powers, Columbus, Ohio

A: NBC, which can spend the next month promoting that it also will have a Madonna halftime show Feb. 5. That could be a real boon to the "peacock network" in another way, since it will follow the big game with the second-season premiere of "The Voice."


Q: I have noticed that the Chairman on "Top Chef" is also on "Hawaii Five-0" as Wo Fat. Does this mean "Top Chef" is scripted also?

-- Barbara Harkins, Palm Coast, Fla.

A: That's an interesting extrapolation, and the short answer is "No." It's actually Food Network's "Iron Chef America" that actor Mark Dacascos is the Chairman on, and yes, he's playing roles on both shows but even though that's the case for him on "Iron Chef America," the competition still is an actual competition, albeit done with a very dramatic flair. That doesn't mean the entire show is scripted, though CBS' "Hawaii Five-0" is, of course.


Q: My favorite summer show was "Suits." I love the opening song; what is it?

-- Beth Byrne, Westbrook, Maine

A: The song in question is "Greenback Boogie" by Ima Robot, and it likely will be heard again when "Suits" returns for its second season on USA Network, most likely next summer.