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Letters / Our readers speak out

Bills show they're all about the green

In case anyone forgot, the Buffalo Bills management showed their true colors on Christmas Eve.

I was one of the 45,000 to attend Saturday's game. When my wife and I walked up to the Stadium we were stunned with what we saw. There are three gates on the side where we enter and two of the three gates were closed. There were lines 40-50 people deep, and everyone was getting wanded like criminals. It took us 15-20 minutes to get through security.

So the Grinch, I mean Bills, must have told those other ticket takers to stay home. On a day when the only people in attendance were season-ticket holders, the Bills, in their infinite wisdom, decided to let them wait outside for way too long, instead of paying a few, already budgeted ticket-takers, to get them inside faster. Way to treat your FORMER season ticket holders.

The Bills could write a book on how to mismanage a professional sports organization. For this 25-year season-ticket holder who is on the fence about renewing next year, they may have just made my mind up for me.

Bob Cohan



Bills need coordinators with some experience

So, the obvious must be stated. Why doesn't this defense play like this throughout the season? Are they in the "let's save George Edwards mode?" Jobs may be on the line so we better play well now? Isn't it somewhat too late for this now?

Changes need to be made in the offseason. They certainly have a shot at beating the Patriots if the defense plays like last Saturday but with the offensive struggles I don't see them scoring enough as Brady is on fire going into the playoffs.

Hopefully the Pats will sit some of their starters but does it really matter at this point? Nix and Gailey must make dramatic changes if they wish to proceed into the postseason next year.

Norv Turner would be a good addition if he is fired as would Mike Nolan of the Dolphins. Together, these two men would add an improved offense and defense. Chan can be left with head coaching duties and lessen his load if you will.

Larry Welch



Less games, no systems would improve NHL

The problem with the NHL is its marathon season. It's too long.

What about the NBA and MLB, you say? Those are essentially non-contact sports and both can sustain their long seasons without near the injuries as the NHL has.

Hockey is too fast and violent to warrant an 82-game schedule. Look at all the players getting hurt.

And worst of all are the "systems" the coaches have come up with just to make it through this "grind" till the playoffs. Boring and robotic, it's hockey at its worst.

So I think the NHL should cut back to say a 40 or 50 game schedule.

Paul Harding



Ruff life isn't right for the Sabres

My problem is I never drank the "Kool-aid" and have wanted Lindy Ruff gone for 10 years. Coaching by definition is teaching, but Ruff can't teach players with skill, anything. If you have a team of Rob Rays, Mike Robitailles and Lindy Ruffs, then Ruff is your man. Dump and chase and cycle the puck behind the net and along the sideboards and before you finish your shift throw the puck at the net -- maybe it will deflect off someone's knee and you'll score. That's not an offense.

Time to get a coach who had skills as a player and can teach all the young and not so young players how to take their game to the next level. Not make everyone the same robot and effectively make every line a fourth line.

I would love to see Pat LaFontaine take over this team for a couple years. No Sabre had a better combination of heart, leadership and skill, and I think he could lead these players where the owner and all of us fans want them to be. Battling for the Stanley Cup, not battling for the last playoff spot in the East.

Matt Megger



Sabres owner needs to reaffirm the faith

Dear Santa Pegula:

This letter is from the biggest and best Buffalo Sabre fan In the world. My friend Reese says you are the biggest fan and that's why you'll never be a Stanley Cup owner.

I know you're very busy, but can you please tell me why the Sabres are losing so much? My daddy says its cause they have no heart and my brother Ryan says its cause they have no centers. Maybe its because of lots of problems. Why is it teams like the Penguins have so many stars and we don't have any? My Grandpa always says "the sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up."

Right now we're out of the playoffs so can you pretty please make a player move before the last day of the trade deadline? I'm getting older now and I want to keep believing in you, but with all these bad choices, excuses and lack of motivation its very difficult. Please help me keep the faith.

Gary Tomporowski

West Seneca


Congrats and farewell to Lancaster's class act

I wanted to send out my congratulations to Len Jankiewicz on his recent decision to step down as the head football coach at Lancaster High School.

As a former college teammate and having dealings with him as an opposing coach and athletic director to have use of the Lancaster High School facilities, he could not have been more accommodating. Len, his coaches, their athletes and fans reflect the sportsmanship, perseverance and class that he has nurtured in his tenure there.

Western New York area coaches, players and fans have all benefited from his expertise and commitment to all young people. And having been a resident of Lancaster for the last 16 years I see the positive results in the adult and youth in our community from his life lessons taught in the classroom, athletic field, court or other venue that he has been connected with.

I know that he will stay connected with football and athletics until he decides to go, but thank you for all you have done for our community. You're a true role model and an inspiration to all of us.

Jeff Gemmer



Sportsmanship taking a hit

I have been noticing more and more lately that some teams do not shake hands with the opposing team. More noticeably, in wrestling both participants shake the opposing coaches hand (win or lose). Few schools are doing this anymore.

For example: A wrestler goes over to the opposing coach to shake hands, what did the two coaches do? Turn their back on the kid. Are you kidding me? I understand competition, and I do not think everyone should get trophy's for just participating. Competition separates the good from the mediocre and if you compete you should compete for the win.

But win or lose where is the sportsmanship?

Kim Dils


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