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A new classical LP!

Wow, I just got a great late Christmas present!! It feels like that anyway.

Music author and blogger Norman Lebrecht has just announced on his blog, Slipped Disc, that the first classical vinyl record in 25 years is due for release in May. It is by the Vienna Philharmonic and conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Dudamel is the celebrated music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

The label is Deutsche Grammophon. My head is still spinning, you know? I just cannot get over this. I remember when I was a teenager, these expensive (well, for me) Deutsche Grammophon records with their yellow labels. I cannot believe there is going to be a new one.

That is the record jacket pictured above. "Cool, or what?" Norman writes.

Very cool!

The last few years have seen some pop recordings released on vinyl but no classical. And here is more good news: The new record starring "the Dude" might not be the only classical LP in the offing. Someone comments on Norman's blog post that the finishing touches are being put on a Liszt LP.

In one of my year-end ramblings I remember mentioning how I wished the next year would continue the vinyl resurgence. That was in 2009, looking ahead to 2010 -- I just looked it up. And what was funny was that News Pop Music Critic Jeff Miers had that same wish in his list. We had both come up with it, completely independently.

Two years later, vinyl's comeback continues.

Rejoice with me!