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Trivia Quiz

1. Is there chlorophyll in all living plants?

2. Do polar bears usually hibernate?

3. What kind of machine did the Duryea brothers -- Charles and Frank -- begin to manufacture in the 1890s?

4. Elba is an island near what country?

5. What alcoholic beverage has a flavor that is largely from the juniper berry?

6. Sirius is called the _____________ Star. Fill in the blank.

7. Is "kopoka" a tree or animal?

8. Infectious hepatitis may occur in what body organ?

9. Is Ecclesiastes a book of the Old or New Testament?

10. What does "demesne" mean?



1. No. Mushrooms and fungi, for example, do not have chlorophyll.

2. No.

3. An automobile.

4. Italy.

5. Gin, which was originally developed as a medicine.

6. Dog.

7. Tree.

8. It's an inflammation of the liver.

9. Old.

10. Possession of real estate in one's own right; land of an estate; a region or domain.