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Shea's in the New York Times

A story on Shea's Performing Arts Center and its Broadway series has added color to the New York Times.

"Broadway Hits Gold in Buffalo," the story is headlined. It ran with a big picture of Anthony Conte.

I could have done without the usual mention of "vacant storefronts" dotting our downtown -- no mention of the rather glamorous development we have been seeing in the past year. It makes it sound as if Shea's is all we have. And as usual we come off sounding kind of provincial.

But I am always interested in the business end of things. And I was interested in hearing about how these shows are chosen, the Broadway shows that come to Shea's. Conte votes for the Tony Awards and he talks about that. It is fascinating how things get down to apples-and-oranges choices -- say, "Mary Poppins" vs. "Spring Awakening."

About "Spring Awakening," Conte did not see it appealing to the Buffalo crowd. He is probably right. I was talking with one of my Zumba instructors last week and she was mentioning that show. She made the mistake, she said, of taking her daughter and her daughter's friend to it, and was aghast at what they had gotten into. So, score one for Conte. He knows his audience.

It is always fun to toast the success of Shea's.