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Politics trumps competence; Schroeder makes some troubling moves even before taking over as comptroller

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."

-- William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part II


If Shakespeare were alive today, rather than lawyers he'd probably have his eye on the politicians.

The biggest offenders are the party hacks who don't require competence of their candidates for office.

In the case of the city comptroller in Buffalo, the selection was rigged so that residents were never given a chance to vote for anyone except the party-approved nominee.

The consequence is we are stuck with Mark Schroeder as the next Buffalo city comptroller.

Before even taking office, he made it clear to two employees that he wanted them out, not because they were not competent, but because he needed the openings to reward the people who helped put him in office. He's ready to name replacements with no consideration as to how well they can do the job.

If that wasn't bad enough, he has now driven the most competent and experienced accountant in the office to resign.

The city has lost Deputy Comptroller Darby L. Fishkin because of Schroeder. As the best person in the office, Fishkin should have run for and become the comptroller.

Schroeder, of course, has absolutely no background helpful in running the Comptroller's Office. He is not only not an accountant, he's weak in the entire field of finance.

His experience is being a politician, currently an assemblyman, living off the taxpayers at the public trough.

As a politician, Schroeder is doing what politicians do, putting his supporters in office. Schroeder doesn't see his mission as serving the taxpayers, he sees his mission as serving Schroeder.

If he really wanted to serve the taxpayers, the best thing he could do would be to resign and let a qualified person take over the office.

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