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Giving as good as receiving

Dear Abby: You sometimes publish letters regarding random acts of kindness. I know people like to share how blessed they are that others have given to them. Well, I would like to share how being the giver is a blessing as well.

My children and I eat lunch out on Saturdays. Most recently, we went to one of our favorite restaurants. As we were being seated, I noticed an elderly gentleman eating alone. He read the paper, ate his meal and kept to himself. I was struck by how alone he seemed to be. All during the lunch, I couldn't shake the feeling that I should reach out.

Finally, I gave in. I went to the counter and paid for his meal.

When the waitress brought our check to the table, she asked if we knew the man. I responded no, that we just wanted to do something nice. She then confided to me that he was a regular there, but she hadn't seen him lately because he had just lost his wife.

Abby, I was so glad I had followed my heart and reached out. I can only pray that he was as pleased by my anonymous gift as I was to give it.

-- Receiving By Giving in Illinois

Dear Receiving By Giving: I'm sure he was. Your letter illustrates the pleasure that comes when we follow the dictates of our hearts. I applaud your generous gesture.


Sending hugs and kisses

Dear Abby: I am 8 years old. At the bottom of a letter, sometimes people write XOXO. Which one means hug and which one means kiss?

-- Anna in Missouri

Dear Anna: The "X" means kiss and the "O" signifies a hug.

P.S. Some people write "SWAK" on the flap of the envelope, which stands for "sealed with a kiss."

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