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We heart New Year's

The holidays have only just begun! The holiday spirit inspired Buzz to write this ode. Ahem. " 'Twas two weeks before Christmas/ with Pier 1 in a tizzy/ We asked help from a staffer/She said she was busy/ She said, it's December/ The minute it starts/ I'm occupied round the clock/ Putting up hearts!" Ha, ha! But so true. We pity that poor staffer, arranging a big display of Valentine's Day jewelry as Christmas carols played. Then again, isn't one of Santa's reindeers named Cupid?


The Rue Sheridan

Elegance. Elegance, on Sheridan Drive! Driving down the street last week, Buzz was entranced to see that the first two letters of Cole Muffler's sign were blacked out, so the sign read, ahem, "le Muffler." Ha, ha! Oui, bonjour, we've brought in le car, and could you please throw in le oil change? Could other places take their cue from this? Boulevard Mall, le Mall. Buffalo Self Storage could be le Storage. Falafel Bar, with a little tweaking, could become La Bar. Or El Bar, if you wanted that Spanish twist. Hucklebuckets, the rowdy sports bar, could become lebuckets. Garcon, bring me le bucket of champagne!


Sweet music man

At 73, Kenny Rogers looks like a handsome old Southern gentleman. He acts like one, too. Last week at Kleinhans Music Hall, he patted Buffalo kids on the head. He posed graciously for a picture with Buzz. And though he mocked out Buffalo's rain, he called it "uncharming," a word we loved. However. Every now and then you glimpse the roustabout we imagine the Gambler used to be. At night's end, he decided spontaneously to do one more song, solo. And the microphone gave that ear-splitting screech you hear in rock clubs. Rogers stood there. "Don't make me throw this thing," he growled. He glared into the wings. "Two hundred thousand dollars a year, you'd think he'd have his act together."


the buzz

New on Facebook, Terrapin Station. The Grateful Dead store brightened a recent rainy day, cheerily posting "Box of Rain," with closeups of Garcia's pudgy hands on guitar, and telling us, "Have a grate day, everyone!" ... Does Buzz dare to get the New Year's Buzzer? It's an app and, says TechNews Daily: "Each day the user will receive a tracking prompt, which asks him or her to confirm (or deny) the completion of a healthy promise." How intimidating! ... Department of We Love This Town: Only in Buffalo would you order Teriyaki Salmon and it would arrive topped with -- you guessed it -- bleu cheese. That happened to Buzz this week at the Washington Square. Yum! We ate every bit. ...



"Thank you for seeing us."

-- Kwik Fill gas pump, dispensing Buzz's receipt

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