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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's office for the week ending Nov. 18.


Plank Road, Erma Linda Delareguera; Thomas F. Delareguera to Lonnie E. Hines Jr.; Holly L. Hines, $310,000.



Ridge Road, Donna Kidney; Linda Strobele; Linda Palmer; John N. Riddle; James A. Riddle to Norman E. Niethe Jr.; Amy M. Niethe, $64,000.

8435 Ridge Road, County of Niagara to Charles Hinks, $7,750.



Oak Run Drive, Northwest Development Group Inc. to Cynthia Rhoney; Michael D. Rhoney, $318,500.

Chicora Drive, William S. Roth; Joanne E. Roth to Gail W. McMahon, $280,000.

905 Ridge Road, Mary Louise Demarchi; Michael Czaja to Lauren J. Adelizi; Ryan D. Adelizi, $225,000.

Ridge Road, Denise L. Coble; James R. Coble to Angela T. Strough; Ronald J. Strough Jr., $172,500.

Elliott Drive, Debra Wagner; Bernice E. Skipworth; Sheryl L. Soos to Cherie Coty, $98,000.

Calkins Road, Lewiston Farms Condo Unit 687, Maryjo Berti Phillips; Margaret Berti Kirsch; Michael Angelo Berti to Pauline Rueter; Herman Rueter, $95,000.

4834 Indian Hill Road, George H. Stagg to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., $82,000.



Outwater Drive, John C. Ayers to Peggy A. Taylor, $120,000.

Davison Road, Christine L. Class; Aaron S. Class to Mark A. Morehouse, $95,000.

13 Columbia St., Bobby D. Cordle to Michelle L. Rinaldo; John J. Rinaldo, $26,465.



6832 Forestview Drive, Amy L. Krzewinski to Bernard Daley; Kelly Daley, $221,000.

Rapids Road, David S. Kuhn; Kim M. Kuhn to Lighting Efficiency Specialist of WNY Inc., $129,000.

Chestnut Ridge Road, Norma J. Hoffman; Ward L. Hoffman to Rachael I. Covey; Kevin A. Danvir, $65,000.



Rounds Road, Josephine Warrington; Dorothy T. Cheasty; Gary W. Cheasty to Sandra D. Walck; Jason L. Walck, $174,900.

6533 East Lake Road, Lieselotte A. Gallagher; Richard J. Gallagher to Helen C.F. Robinson; Kenneth C. Robinson, $124,000.

Van Horn Ave., Milford L. Demmin; Helen M. Demmin to Alan Demmin, $50,000.



Donna Drive, Joan Gaines; Cheryl L. Paduano to Mark Gaines, $30,000.

9699 Porter Road, Marlo Marie Lee; Carolyn Lee Anderson to Tracie Zortman, $20,000.



Highest price: $86,625

Average price: $43,861

Median price: $47,000

Number of Sales:11

2125 Lockport St., Mary Anne Nelson-Loefke; Maryanne Nelson-Loefke; William Nelson-Loefke; William Loefke to Wells Fargo Bank, $86,625.

87th St., William E. Lutey III to Cynthia Burke, $76,500.

58th St., Mark Delorenzo to Carly Neal, $74,500.

Porter Ave., Raffaela M. Gabrielli; Frank J. Toscano to Daniel P. Penque, $55,850.

58th St., David M. Bagwell to Ryan D. Smith, $55,000.

72nd St., Joanne S. Proulx to William J. Gawlik; Kathy L. Sugg, $47,000.

Donna Drive, Joan Gaines; Cheryl L. Paduano to Mark Gaines, $30,000.

9699 Porter Road, Marlo Marie Lee; Carolyn Lee Anderson to Tracie Zortman, $20,000.

Hyde Park Blvd., Theresa Nichols; Edward P. Kopacz to Kenneth W. Zortman; Tracie M. Zortman, $18,000.

24th St., John Covatto to Alois Vincent Chermak III, $14,000.

Grand Ave., Robert Agnello to 2626 Pine Avenue Inc., $5,000.



Highest price: $175,000

Average price: $96,028

Median price: $97,450

Number of Sales:10

Wurlitzer Court, David A. Griggs; Amy A. Griggs to Charles E. Baranich Jr.; Marcie M. Baranich, $175,000.

Vanderbilt Ave., Leonard S. Ambrusko; Donna S. Ambrusko to William G. Wilkinson; Janet L. Wilkinson, $141,000.

1429 Vanderbilt Ave., Joseph Micon Jr.; Amy Marie Herkert; Patricia Sannino; Ken J. Micon to Dianna Frankowski, $130,000.

Dale Drive, Timothy Harlos to Mark Witkop; Beverly Witkop, $124,000.

North Ave., Mark Oship; Diane Oship to Leslie A. Barnes; Daniel J. Barnes, $107,000.

14th Ave., Thomas H. Schultz Jr.; Nancy A. Schultz to Timothy M. Scroger, $87,900.

Lee Ave., Leslie Casada; Leslie Barnes; Daniel Barnes to Tilden Brown Jr., $77,000.

Fredericka Ave., Annette Fricovsky; John J. Fricovsky to Nancy K. Miranto; Keith J. Miranto, $70,000.

485 Oliver St., Wieslawa Orefice; Robert Orefice to Richard E. Jones; Susan L. Jones, $30,000.



7151 Rolling Meadows, Andrew Clifton Anderson; Kimberly Gayle Anderson to Sirva Relocation Credit, $347,500.

Rolling Meadow & Paddock Ridge, Sirva Relocation Credit to Kelly M. Jordan; Scott T. Jordan Jr., $331,000.

Paddock Ridge & Rolling Meadow, Majestic Woods Development to Maryann E. Kontras; Jeffrey A. Mott, $65,000.



1 Main St./Unit 9, Lawrence P. Castellani Jr. to Julianne Vardan, $285,000.



8466 Lower Lake Road, Wilson Family; William D. Wilson; Martha B. Wilson; Karen F. Ayers to Eric L. Wayner, $115,000.



Brandywine Road, GMD Development to Jennifer L. Dixon; David J. Dixon, $299,900.

Lockport Road, William A. Henchbarger III; Odessa J. Henchbarger to Denise L. Coble; James R. Coble, $157,500.

Niagara Falls Blvd., Cori Kernahan; Timothy Kernahan to Ronald Richter Jr., $128,000.

Maple Drive, Craig L. Horrocks to Susan L. Horrocks, $60,000.

Driftwood Drive, VVMM Llc to Julie Hanes; Craig Hanes, $30,000.



Beebe Road, Joseph M. Tomasulo; Faith C. Smith to Conrad Jack Brzezinski; Joanne F. Condren, $140,000.

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