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Development agencies termed excessive

ALBANY (AP) -- New York State oversight officials say Schenectady County has seven separate economic development authorities -- and that's too many.

The New York State Authorities Budget Office acknowledges some recent development successes but says the groups lack coordination and comprehensive planning.

In a report, officials note the overlaps. For example, there are three authorities providing a total of more than $600,000 to the State Community Business Center to meet its operating costs.

The report says the Rotterdam IDA has continued to operate, though its corporate existence was terminated in 2010 when it retired all outstanding bonds and notes.


Data ban imposed in fatal shooting

WHITE PLAINS (AP) -- A federal judge has temporarily banned the public release of any documents or video related to civil rights lawsuits brought over the fatal shooting of a college football player by police.

The Journal News in White Plains reported Saturday that U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas signed the order requested by parties in the civil cases stemming from Danroy Henry Jr.'s death.

Police fatally shot the Pace University student in October 2010 as the 20-year-old drove away from a ruckus outside a bar in Thornwood. A federal grand jury cleared a Pleasantville police officer of wrongdoing.

Brian Sokoloff, a lawyer for the officer, told the newspaper the temporary order gives everyone time to agree on what "sensitive" materials they want the court to keep confidential permanently.


Activist presses circumcision fight

NEW YORK (AP) -- A 46-year-old New York man who's a member of an activist group against circumcision likens the routine practice to female genital mutilation.

Anthony Losquadro recently contacted the pediatrician who circumcised him in 1965 and accused the doctor of coercing his parents to approve the procedure.

He tells the New York Post that it's his body and he should have had a choice as to what was done.

Losquadro leads a nonprofit group to get his message out online and through ads.