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Well-versed in politics

'Twas 25th of December

And all around here,

Every pol can remember

A most remarkable year.

It started in Albany

With Mario's kid Andy,

Riding high in the polls

And says everything's dandy.

When out in the west

There arose such a clatter,

As Chris Lee left D.C.

After an Internet matter.

Along came Jack Davis

Still longing for power,

After spending on TV

About a million per hour.

Then in a twinkling

From Hamburg came Hochul,

The new darling of Washington

Now no local yokel.

The candidates are nestled

In the presidential race,

To install in the White House

An entirely new face.

On Romney, On Bachmann,

On Gingrich and Perry.

New Hampshire and Iowa

They all aim to carry.

Back in New York

Chris Collins is done.

Government as business,

Turned out to be no fun.

The results of our poll

Sure gave him the blues.

He chastised Siena,

Then Channel 2 and The News.

Poloncarz dispatched him,

Forever an enigma.

He's out as executive,

But still loves his Six Sigma!

In City Hall on Floor Two

Resides Buffalo's best dresser.

Who will be his opponent

Remains a big guesser.

Maybe Schroeder will run

After winning comptroller.

But news of a lawsuit

May delay Bernie Tolbert.

Len Lenihan resigned

At Cuomo's behest.

But never really meant it,

It was all just in jest.

The chairman still nestles

In his Democratic lair,

Even Cuomo can't move him

From old Ellicott Square.

The Republicans, it seems

Can only remember,

When they ruled Erie County

'Twas before 8 November.

So again with apologies

To Clement Clarke Moore,

We ruin your holiday

With something so poor.

But on Christmas for politics

We don't give a hoot;

Not for Obama,

Nor Santorum nor Newt.

So before all our readers

Are tempted to snooze,

Christmas greetings again

From The Buffalo News.