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Best of Bills Live / Selection of comments from

Euleria: Got email from Bills store today: replica jerseys over 50 percent off. You'd think they'd roll out a sale earlier -- you know, in time for holiday gift-giving? Yet more incompetence from the Bills.

KJ: Sadly the Bills need big upgrades almost everywhere glad that after 30 plus seasons as a season-ticket holder I opted out a few years ago if Ralph doesn't care why should I?

Scotted: So how much of a splash do the Bills make in FA? With all their needs they can't address everything in the draft. They honestly need about four OLBs if they stay in a 3-4.

Rojo10: My wife said if I don't go to the game today she has some things for me to do around the house. So my season tickets are on the kitchen table right now and I have a toilet brush in my hand.

Hector: I heard McGahee was going partying in Toronto tonight.

Paul from Denver: If you guys haven't watched Tebow you will be very underwhelmed by how little he actually does. He will break some tackles, keep some plays alive and they will rip off 5-plus running plays of more than 20 yards.

West Coast Bill: I read where Ralph said the Bills were still a few years away from competing. I thought that was realistic. But I realize that is only if they hit some drafts big. Otherwise, they could be at least five away.

David S.: Rogers looks good out there returning kicks. It's funny that we spend all these high draft picks (Spiller, McKelvin, Parrish), we're supposed to have great returning abilities and they've been relegated to the bench by a seventh-rounder.

Bruce W: Haven't played soccer in 40 years but I'd like to try to kick the next FG.

Dave Rayner: What the You mean I'm supposed to kick it THROUGH those tall yellow things?

Noah: Spiller! See, he just needed playing time experience. Still think he's going to be good.

Brian in Shortsville: I question whether Buddy Nix is the draft wizard he was made out to be. But full credit to the pro-personnel guys for finding useful bigs in Urbik, Rinehart and Pears. Imagine what this line would look like with Wood hurt, and without those three.

Griff: Defense looks good against run when there is no threat through the air.

Grumpy Grandpa: Tebow is being exposed today as a very, very average throwing QB! Apologies to the almighty.

Detroit Randy: Choice cannot play. How long of a leash does this guy get!?

Paul from Denver: Best game of Kelsay's career, best week of my 20 years in Denver coming up.

Scotteds: Give the Bills OTs credit for their job on Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.

Bills4life: Nice to see the losing streak end.


>Twittering Bills

DraytonFlorence: Early Christmas thanks 4 support fans.

DavidNelson86: Merry Christmas Buffalo!.

ajwilliams23: Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for everything you've done for me. I give you all the Glory and Praise! #GodIsGood.

CoreyMcintyre38: Who's ready to celebrate with your boi.


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