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Network getting too social

Dear Abby: I have been happily married for more than 20 years. I joined an online social network to keep in touch with family, friends and my kids who are in college. I love the convenience, but I'm in a quandary.

A number of men from my past (some I dated and some not) have contacted me online with their phone numbers and asked me to call them. I was flattered at first, but now I think phone communication would be inviting trouble.

I politely inform friends who push the issue that I'm happy to catch up online, but out of respect for my husband and my marriage I don't call men who send me their numbers.

My problem is it continues to happen. I suspended my account several times, but reactivated it because I miss the connection with extended family and friends.

I'm getting turned off to responding to any "friend" requests anymore because it seems that most men just want to recapture some youthful fantasy. How do I handle this?

-- Blast From the Past

Dear Blast: You are handling it very well just the way you are.


Addressing the subject

Dear Abby: I have two children under the age of 4. When they address adults -- including baby sitters -- I have taught them to preface it with "Ms." or "Mr." and the person's first name. We consider it a form of respect, and although I realize that each parent has her (or his) own take on this, it has begun to bother me when their children address us by our first names. Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

-- Wondering in Livonia, Mich.

Dear Wondering: As you point out, different families have different standards. Because you prefer to be called "Ms.," bring it not only to the attention of the child, but also to the child's parent, and your wishes should be respected.