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Trivia Quiz

1. Who wrote "Casey at the Bat," the classic baseball poem?

2. What was President James A. Garfield's middle name?

3. What is another name for the shuttlecock used in games of badminton?

4. Jews descended from Spanish Jews of the 15th century who preferred expulsion to conversion are known as S_____________ Jews. Fill in the blank.

5. What is the U.S. Army rank directly above a major?

6. Only about 25 to 40 percent of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere remains there. The rest of it is recycled into two basic areas. What are they?

7. Over what country did Frederick the Great rule for almost half of the 18th century?

8. If something is subsolar, where is it?

9. Name the capital of American Samoa.

10. Was the ancient measurement "cubit" longer or shorter than a foot?



1. Ernest Lawrence Thayer.

2. Abram.

3. Bird.

4. Sephardic.

5. Lieutenant colonel.

6. It goes into the oceans and into plant tissue through photosynthesis.

7. Prussia.

8. Directly under the sun.

9. Pago Pago.

10. Longer (almost 1 1/2 feet).

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