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The Grammar Guru

For several months, Marcus had been wearing sunglasses 2 4/7 . How he managed to sleep with them on was something his parents couldn't figure out.

"He probably takes them off," said his father.

"No, he's always wearing them when I wake him up for school," said his mother.

"Well," said her husband, "I'm sure it's just a phase he's going through. He's a teenager, after all."

Marcus' mother shook her head. "A phase lasts a few weeks or months. He's been doing this for more than a year."

"Don't let it faze you," said her husband. "Then, no matter how long the phase lasts, it won't matter."

His wife threw up her hands. "How am I supposed to not let it faze me? It bothers me even when I don't see him!"

Just then, Marcus entered the living room, where his parents were sitting on the couch. They both stared at him, in shock.

"Oh, no," said Marcus' mother.

Marcus' father shook his head and left the room. Meanwhile, Marcus was checking his pockets for cash. "Mom, can I have a twenty? I'm going to the mall."

"Like that?"

He sneered. "Come on, lots of kids shave their heads."

"Yes, but not just on one side. Why -- "

"See you later," he said, and left, leaving his mother to consider putting sleeping pills in his dinner so she could shave the rest of his head while he slept. "Please," she prayed, "let it be a phase."

Remember: phase -- stage; faze -- disturb.


1) "When I was a kid," said Albert, "I went through a (phase/faze) when I did everything I could to look like Elvis."

2) The storm made the river overflow its banks, but that didn't (phase/faze) Leonard and his siblings.

3) Marcus finally stopped shaving half his head. Seems it was a (phase/faze) after all.



1) phase (His wife considered telling him he was still wearing a sequined jumpsuit, sunglasses and a pompadour.)

2) faze (Leonard and his siblings were ducks, ha ha!)

3) phase (Instead, Marcus let his hair grow down to his ankles, and his mother began taking tranquilizers.)