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Q: Is Laurence Fox of the "Inspector Lewis" stories on PBS' "Masterpiece" related to the British actors Edward and James Fox? There is a resemblance. -- Jeanette Urbaniak, North Tonawanda

A: He is one of the children of James Fox ("Sherlock Holmes"), which makes Edward Fox ("The Day of the Jackal") his uncle. Another uncle, Robert Fox, is a producer of such movies as "The Hours," "Atonement" and "Iris."

* * *

Q: Do you know if the series "Ed" starring Tom Cavanagh will be coming out on DVD? -- Jerry Kaminski, Waukesha, Wis.

A: There have been rumors about it from time to time, but as of this writing, there was still nothing definite.

* * *

Q: Are Mimi Rogers and Andie MacDowell related? They look so much alike to me. -- Sharon Smith, Pueblo, Colo.

A: Yes, there is a certain resemblance but no, they aren't related.

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