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Trivia Quiz

1. Is the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge a cantilever or suspension bridge?

2. Did Walt Disney create Mickey Mouse?

3. Name the two young men who created Superman.

4. Name the largest city in New Mexico.

5. The cantaloupe is a ___________ melon. Fill in the blank to complete the word.

6. If something is "fusty," what is it?

7. One who has not reached the age of majority is a minor, and legally that person is regarded as an infant. True or false?

8. For what is the Richter Scale used?

9. Debbie Reynolds had a long movie career before she appeared on Broadway in 1973 in what show?

10. Who was captain of the British ship "Bounty" before it was taken over by mutineers?



1. Suspension.

2. Yes.

3. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Shuster was the artist.

4. Albuquerque by far, with a 2010 population of 529,000.

5. "Musk."

6. "Musty" or "old."

7. True.

8. It measures the intensity of earthquakes.

9. "Irene."

10. William Bligh.