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Tears of a Bully

The tears of a bully

The feeling of no confidence

The hope of ruining life for another

The tears of a bully

Causing them to become violent

With unforgivable words sprinkling out of their mouths

They start to feel joy

The tears of a bully

Making others feel unwelcome

The tears walking down the victim's face

The pencil writing a note to her parents

The feeling of an insult around her neck

She gasps for air

The heart stops in 1...2...3...


The tears of a bully

Falling like a waterfall down her face

The bully has a feeling of fear in her mind

The handcuffs on her hands feel like chains

They prevent her from feeling accomplished

She stands behind bars like an old dog with no home

The tears of a bully

-- Alyssa Foley, seventh grade, Frontier Middle School