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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Jerry Sullivan: Following his column on the death of former Buffalo Bills center Kent Hull, several people offered condolences, including Stephen Karnath of Buffalo:

Been going to games for over 45 years, season-ticket holder for the past 26. I have lots of Bills apparel, but I have never bought or worn a player jersey, for several reasons. Home opener this year, a tailgate discussion -- if I ever agreed to wear a player's jersey, whose jersey would I wear with great pride? Only came up with three names -- the first and easiest choice -- Kent Hull. The Bills should release a commemorative Kent Hull jersey. I'll be first in line to buy and wear it.

Eric Golub of Los Angeles, Calif., added:

I'm an Oakland Raider fan mourning the loss of Al Davis. I was in Buffalo a few weeks ago when Ryan Fitzpatrick torched the Raiders for 35 second-half points. It reminded me of the Bills-Raiders games of the 1990s. The reason the Raiders lost those games is because our defense could not get to Jim Kelly. He was untouched because of Kent Hull.

May God bless the entire Bills family. You lost a true warrior and champion who played football with honor.

* * *

Pedaling: News staff reporter Maki Becker's article on freshly painted street markings for bicyclists in Buffalo drew this response from Hap Klein of Tonawanda:

Getting the City of Buffalo into the 21st century with bicycle-friendly accommodation now points the way that the region can copy the city's success and program. This writer thinks the path has been made smooth through the drop in urban population as much as the realization by people that bicycling is one fine way to get around the city. In a city built for twice as many people, Buffalo has been a great place to bicycle during the great diaspora and now bicyclists can celebrate their triumph! During the 1980s, getting city planners to even discuss bicycle accommodation was impossible. Now, with the support for Green Initiatives and new realizations, the city is pointing the way for the region. Thanks to Justin Booth's dynamic leadership, we can soon expect to see the domination of bicycles instead of cars in downtown Buffalo.

* * *

Denise Jewell Gee: Following her column about the suffering Postal Service, Jeremy Lewis of Buffalo wrote:

Whenever I was overseas, you always loved getting that letter or package from home. When I traveled I would send postcards home to friends and my family. I can't imagine what FedEx or UPS would charge me to send a postcard. The post office went through privatization years ago. Privatization of government services always does two things. Lowers service and costs more. But it has a third thing that always wins out. Someone gets rich.

Glenn Fiedler of Derby added:

Snail mail is a dinosaur whose monopoly is obsolete. IMO closed offices, no Saturdays and rate hikes will not fix the problem. The post office needs a completely new business model. Only thing I get via the post office is "junk mail," everything I send and receive is electronic. This is just the start, wait till today's kindergartners who have iPads grow up. Does anyone think they will wait for the mail to come?

* * *

Why not Buffalo?: An article by News business reporter Emma Sapong on the "City of hidden treasures" brought this comment from Connie Joyce:

I totally agree. My husband and I were born in Buffalo. We moved to Chicago in 1985. We were happy there but it never felt like home. When the economy took a nose dive it was really felt in Chicago. Since we could never afford to buy a home in Chicago, when we decided to move back to Buffalo it was just a matter of finding the right place. We are in Allentown. We love the sense of community and how close it is to downtown. We are both writers and the creative community is very accessible. I am glad we moved back.

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