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FBI dog at home of missing baby detected scent of dead body

An FBI cadaver dog reacted to the scent of a dead person in the Kansas City home where a baby girl disappeared nearly three weeks ago, and investigators found soil in the backyard that had been "recently disturbed or overturned," police said in a document released Friday.

The court affidavit, filed earlier this week in support of a search warrant targeting the family's home, also said the girl's mother, Deborah Bradley, "made the statement she did not initially look for her baby behind the house because she 'was afraid of what she might find.' "

Those details and others in the affidavit led to a daylong search Wednesday of the family's home, where the parents say 10-month-old Lisa Irwin must have been snatched in the middle of the night as the mother and her two boys slept.

Bradley and the baby's father, Jeremy Irwin, reported the girl missing on Oct. 4. They have denied any role in the disappearance.

The affidavit said a cadaver dog taken into the house Monday indicated a "positive hit for the scent of a deceased human in an area of the floor of Bradley's bedroom near the bed."

The court document also indicated police needed to dig up the backyard after an investigator noticed dirt in a garden area behind the home appeared to have been "recently disturbed or overturned." During Wednesday's search, investigators could be seen digging behind a shed in the backyard.

Another document revealed some of what police recovered from the home during Wednesday's search: a comforter and blanket, some clothes, rolls of tape and a tape dispenser.

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