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Trivia Quiz

1. What is the total number of electoral votes, the votes that are cast for presidential and vice presidential candidates?

2. What was the original name of the "Dick Tracy" comic strip?

3. Who established Christian Science?

4. Does the stalactite or stalagmite hang from the roof of a cave?

5. The nation of Estonia is at the edge of what sea?

6. There have been radio and television shows about private detective Michael Shayne. What novelist created the character?

7. What is the name of the zoological park in Washington, D.C.?

8. Identify the capital of Alabama.

9. To what poet are the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey" attributed?

10. Who delivered the "Sermon on the Mount" to his disciples?



1. The total is 538 electoral votes.

2. "Plainclothes Tracy."

3. Mary Baker Eddy.

4. The stalactite hangs, but the stalagmite projects upward from the floor of a cave.

5. Baltic Sea.

6. Brett Halliday.

7. National Zoo.

8. Montgomery.

9. Homer.

10. Jesus.