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'Lion King' is perfect for any age

"The Lion King, playing at Shea's Performing Arts Center through Oct. 30, captured my attention from the very beginning. I was immediately drawn in by the great characters walking down the aisles. It seemed that no matter where you were seated, there was something to look at.

"The Lion King" is known for its incredible costumes, and this musical production did not disappoint. From elephants to birds to, of course, lions, the amazing costumes seem to tell the story by themselves. Each costume suits the character perfectly.

"The Lion King" musical features all the well-loved songs from the Disney movie, along with some original songs. Most of the music has an interesting African flair, which adds to the savannah atmosphere. All of the music is highly enjoyable.

Every member of the cast of is excellent. Many of the ensemble members have to operate large animal puppets. Some of the costumes seem like they would be hard to move in, but all the actors move with ease.

Both young performers who portray Young Simba and Young Nala are incredible. Both roles are double-casted, since the actors are children. Niles Fitch, as Young Simba, handled his role with ease. His movements make you believe he really is a lion. Later in the show, it seems as though Simba has really grown up, not that he is being played by two different actors. Kailah McFadden, who plays Young Nala, is already an expert at dance and an excellent performer. In one particular scene, she shares the stage with Rafiki and Sarabi, and all three believe that Simba and Mufasa are dead. Kailah, though only a young girl, portrayed her emotions in a very grown-up way.

Overall, "The Lion King" is a fantastic show that is perfect for any age.


Hannah Zakrzewski is a freshman at Nardin Academy.

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