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A father-and-son Lockport robbery team was sent to state prison Wednesday by State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr.

Jesus M. Ubiles, 41, drew six years behind bars for second-degree robbery. His son, Rahsaan D. Ubiles, 20, was sentenced to seven years for the same robbery charge and an unrelated count of attempted second-degree assault.

The latter charge stemmed from an Oct. 30 incident in which a man was stabbed three times in the abdomen during a fight at a Halloween party on Gabriel Drive in Lockport.

The father and son robbed two men May 2 at the Tudor Lane Apartments in Lockport. One had a realistic-looking BB gun and the other a knife, prosecutors have said.

The victims were robbed of their pants and cellphones. One was cut over the eye when struck with the BB gun.

"Nine out of 10 times, I would hold the father more responsible," Kloch told Rahsaan Ubiles. "But you're the one who got him in trouble."

Rahsaan's attorney, Dominic Saraceno, tried to blame how the son was raised.

"I've never seen a case of a person being the product of his upbringing that had more serious consequence," Saraceno said. Kloch didn't buy it.

The judge said, "He roused his father out of bed. I have to put the father in prison for six years because his son said, 'Hey, let's run these guys.' "

Jesus Ubiles' attorney, Andrew LoTempio, said the idea for the mugging began with two young women who met the victims at a bar. Heavy drinking and drug use ensued, said LoTempio, who said the women called the Ubiles men to the scene.

"They were the brains behind it, and Mr. [Jesus] Ubiles, frankly, was the muscle," LoTempio said.

One of the women, Amber R. Solotes, 18, of Lockport, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor petit larceny charge and is awaiting sentencing.

Saraceno said that in regard to the stabbing, Rahsaan Ubiles might have had a self-defense argument but he and the family decided to take a guilty plea in exchange for concurrent sentencing with the robbery case.

As the Ubileses sat in the courtroom in handcuffs after the sentencing, Kloch attempted to use them as an example to get a teenage robber to go straight.

"That's what your future is, right over there," Kloch told Sean Kent Jr., 17, of 17th Street, Niagara Falls.

Kloch refused to grant Kent youthful offender status and sentenced him to a year in the Niagara County Jail on his guilty plea to attempted third-degree robbery.

Kent tried to rob a woman in the Falls bus station while armed with a BB pistol March 7, but the woman refused to surrender any property.

A co-defendant in the attempted robbery, Kent's reputed girlfriend, Tajhsa G. Maye, 22, of 13th Street, Niagara Falls, drew a year in jail Aug. 24.