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Gadhafi reported preparing insurgency

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) -- Libya's acting prime minister said Wednesday that ousted leader Moammar Gadhafi is believed to be recruiting fighters from other African countries and preparing for a possible insurgency, hoping to destabilize Libya's new regime.

The comments by Mahmoud Jibril reflected fears that Gadhafi will use friendly relations with neighboring countries cultivated during his more than four decades in power to help him launch a bid to return.

"Reports have shown that 68 vehicles with at least eight fighters each crossed the Libyan borders to Mali, and Gadhafi is hiding in the southern desert," Jibril told reporters.

He said Gadhafi had made a deal with the Hamada tribe, which roams the borders between Chad, Sudan and Libya, to provide 12,000 fighters "to enter Libya and start the fight."


Saleh seeks guarantees before stepping aside

SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- Yemen's embattled president Wednesday added another condition for leaving office, demanding that the United States, European Union and Persian Gulf nations offer guarantees before he signs a deal to transfer power and step down.

Ali Abdullah Saleh has managed to cling to power in the face of eight months of massive anti-regime protests, the defection of key tribal and military allies, and mounting international pressure to step down.

He has so far balked at a U.S.-backed plan proposed by Saudi Arabia and its five smaller allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council to hand over power to his deputy in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Speaking to party leaders Wednesday, Saleh said he will sign the agreement but insisted that there must be "guarantees to implementing it."


Unresponsive satellite heading toward Earth

BERLIN (AP) -- A dead satellite is hurtling toward the atmosphere and pieces of it could crash into the Earth as early as Friday, the German Aerospace Center says.

Scientists are no longer able to communicate with the German satellite ROSAT, which orbited the Earth every 90 minutes, and experts are not sure exactly where pieces of it could land.

Parts of the satellite, which is the size of a minivan, will burn up during re-entry, but up to 30 fragments weighing a total of 1.87 tons could crash into the Earth sometime between Friday and Monday, center spokesman Andreas Schuetz said.

"All countries around the globe between 53 degrees north and 53 degrees south could possibly be affected," Schuetz said, referring to a vast swath of territory that includes much of the Earth outside the poles.


President, first lady welcome baby girl

PARIS (AP) -- First lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gave birth to a baby girl Wednesday, the first infant born to a sitting president of modern-day France, according to media reports.

President Nicolas Sarkozy was returning from a meeting in Frankfurt on the euro debt crisis when the child was born around 8 p.m., according to BFM TV.

Europe 1 radio said the birth went well for the 43-year-old mother, singer and former supermodel.

The presidential palace did not immediately confirm the reports. The presidential entourage reiterated Wednesday that no birth announcement would be forthcoming.

The infant is the first child born to the first lady and the 56-year-old president. The couple married in February 2008, less than a year after Sarkozy took office.

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